Wheel & Tire Combo

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All-Terrain Combo

Elite Tire & Suspension offers a variety of wheel & tire combos for all-terrain tires. Equip your vehicle with the best-in-class wheels and tires. Our all-terrain tires have as much capability off-road as they do on pavement. The all-terrain tires deliver great traction on dirt, gravel, and pavement.

Mud-Terrain Combo

Like to play in the mud or endure the serious off-roads? Elite Tire & Suspension offers a variety of mud-terrain wheel and tire combos. Our expert staff is here to help you take the road less traveled with a new set of wheels and tires. Perfect for: sand, gravel, riverbeds, rocks, mud, snow, and other terrain.

Custom Wheel & Tire Combo

Not sure what you need? Stop by today and Elite Tire & Suspension will point you in the right direction. We have the perfect combo for your vehicle and its needs.

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